Friday, August 14, 2009

Sky in Alice Fantasy

Sky in Alice Fantasy, originally uploaded by alington.

Hooray--my first DollHeart outfit has arrived, and I love it. It's called Alice Fantasy. Peak's Woods Sky is modeling here. She's also wearing shoes and a wig by DollHeart as well. (I pre-ordered these pieces from Still Plays With Dolls, who has excellent customer service, and offers a discount to Players Club members (!!), who are shoppers who spend over $100 during a year.)

The outfit includes many pieces, and it was easy (and fun) to get her dressed:

  • A short-sleeved cotton dress with ruffles, ribbon and lace trim
  • A pair of white cotton sleeves (they button to the dress sleeves)
  • A white pinafore with blue ribbon trim
  • A white tulle petticoat
  • A shorter white cotton petticoat
  • A pair of black and white socks
  • White bloomers with blue ribbon trim
  • An oversized blue hair bow with lace trim
It took me a while to figure out to cross the straps of the pinafore in back and snap them in place to get the best fit. Also, this is a large-bust doll, and there is a little extra room in the dress. I imagine it would be a pretty versatile piece.

I'm sure this won't be my last DollHeart outfit. It's wonderfully made, and very detailed. And the wig--wow! It's amazing: very full and a perfect fit for Sky. And her perfect color, too--I never noticed how golden blonde her eyebrows were till now.

More photos (full-sized) are on Mobile Me, or a few smaller ones on Flickr. Enjoy!


  1. i recognize the stairs in this photo - what a great setting! kind of reiterates alice's shrunken state...

  2. Yes! It's Kate's loft bed. :) I'm sure you've seen it before.

    Thanks! :)

  3. Oi! esta boneca é muito linda, se é para venda , diga quanto custa? estou interessada em comprar uma boneca. obrigada BEJUSSSSSSSS

    Rosa Gonçalves

  4. Gracias! (Mi español no es muy bueno, pero creo que usted se estará preguntando de dónde saqué la ropa y si es para la venta?) Permítanme usar Google Translate. Espero que funcione, y no suena demasiado raro!

    No es para la venta - pero el equipo es por una compañía llamada DollHeart. Es una gran compañía! Aquí está su página web:

    Este conjunto se llama Alice Fantasy, y es algo difícil de encontrar, pero que tienen para muchos otros encantador. Echa un vistazo a su página web - es maravilloso. (Mi muñeca es muy alto - unos 58 cm - sino que hacen ropa para muñecas en otros tamaños, también.) Espero que esto ayude!


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