Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ethereal Anya

Ethereal Anya, originally uploaded by alington.

If you're on the fence about buying a Kim Lasher doll--just do it. Anya is my most photogenic doll ever. I'm not a great photographer, and even I have a hard time getting a bad photo of this lovely girl.

This is Anya, dressed in a gorgeous crocheted top (a OOAK which I'm sure that Brenda would recreate for you) by Froggy Duds (look them up on Etsy--they are AWESOME with great prices and amazing quality!), and in a Michele Hardy wig (sized for a Peak's Woods doll, but I'm borrowing it here--isn't it sweet?), and her original Kim Lasher skirt.

I think she looks like an angel. I need another Kim Lasher doll. I would be dead if I ever passed by a Kim Lasher booth at a doll convention--really! My husband would probably kill me.

More full-sized photos on my Mobile Me gallery, or the rest of the smaller-sized set on Flickr. Enjoy!

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