Thursday, May 6, 2010

Briana - new sculpt from Peak's Woods!

What's new at Peak's Woods? A brand new sculpt in the Fairies of Color size (58 cm, or around SD size), Briana, available with two styles of make-up.
Both are available in normal or white skin versions, with large or regular bust sizes, with an upgrade to the "Bitten" torso versions.

What's different about her? Her eyes are a bit smaller than other Peak's Woods girls. Additionally, her eyes are heavily lidded, which gives a romantic, sultry feel to her glance. Her nose is wider, her lips are larger, and her cheeks are fuller. Her face is less anime looking that other Peak's Woods sculpts. She is gorgeous.

The Sweet Dark face-up is heavy on cooler colors, pinks and cooler brown tones, and she just calls for similar body blush. Her eyes are lined darkly as well. She'd be able to wear brunette and raven wigs well.

Sweet Milk, on the other hand, would make a perfect blonde, strawberry or redhead. Her face-up is much paler. She maintains much of the heavier eyeliner, but she is toned in lighter and warmer shades, peach, pastel peachy pinks, and warmer, softer browns. I adore her lips. She looks less sultry, more sad, and more girly. I think she'd be the one to come home to me. (I can't help it--eventually, I will have the whole PW catalog home with me, if I have any say!)


  1. Oh she's gorgeous, I am still working my way up to SD but I think I prefer the dark haired girl the most

  2. Oooh--I love your profile photo! Is that an Elfdoll Tiny? She's so cute! (Maybe I have one or more of those little ones, too.)

    Normally I would say, everyone needs at least one SD-sized doll. But in your case, you really *do* need one, since she could carry your Elfdoll around on her shoulder, or like a tiny fairy! LOL! ;)


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