Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Segi in Leeke World wig

Segi in Leeke World wig, originally uploaded by alington.
One more look for Peak's Woods Segi--here she is in a Leeke World wig called Lacey in Baby Brown.
I think this one is a size 8/9, but it seems to fit my PW girls just fine.

I think she looks very mature and grown up in this wig. (Lacey also has detachable clip ponytails, which would more than likely detract from the mature like, if I had attached them here.)


  1. Cute, her eyes are stunning. I've been looking for some realistic green eyes for ages, can I be cheeky and ask what they are/where from. I need them for my boy :o)

  2. http://www.denverdoll.com/glibeyes16.php

    I am pretty sure hers are light gray/green (they were included with Sky as an extra pair (PW used to include two pairs of eyes), but these are out of stock as you can see at Denver Dolls (at least in the 16mm size).

    I might be mistaken--Sky was literally my first SD-sized BJD, so I really didn't pay attention to names and colors at that point, and I didn't keep their baggie. They might also have been Aurora Green. ;)

    Did you ever get the PW photo site to work for you, BTW?


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