Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

And oh my, was mine a happy one!

As many of you are aware, my husband and I felt it necessary to set ourselves (meaning, specifically, me, but we both are on the system) on an allowance system, where we each get an allotted amount to spend on our hobbies (dolls, in my case) each month.
Well, as my regular readers know, in April I realized I slightly miscalculated my allowance, and "accidentally" spent a little bit ahead of myself. Specifically, I had "accidentally" spent my entire allowance for the entire year. (Oops.) I was a little embarrassed, and I got in more than a little trouble.

To make it worse, I put several dolls up for sale on the DollPage, and I stated that I was also open to trades. Well, that got me several wonderful dolls that I love, but it didn't exactly help with my allowance situation.

Worse, I'm scheduled to go to the IFDC convention in July, and I have exactly $0 to spend there. So sad for me! But not much sympathy, I'm afraid. Plus, what sort of example would I show to my four kids, if I suddenly got my allowance reinstated? (They are ten, nine, six and four.)

Well, you may remember my rather extravagant wish list for Mother's Day. I wasn't expecting anything from it--especially not the first request, which was to reset my doll allowance. But you'll never guess what I got from the kids:
Each one of them took one of my doll pre-orders that had pushed me over the edge (I had budgeted for them in our finance program), and my dear husband printed out a photo of each doll. (There were four.) In the cards they made for me, they wrote on the back of the picture of my doll what I meant to them, and that they were giving me this doll. That meant that my allowance had actually been reset!

I was touched even more than I was thrilled. Especially with the little kids (Lauren and Jake) writing on the back of the photos what they liked about me. (Also, Lauren, who is in kindergarten, wrote a list of things about me in class. One question was, "What is your mom's favorite food?" She wrote down, "Coffee." Oh my. Does she know me well, or what?)

I'm terribly tempted to go spend a whole bunch more right now, but I think I should save it till IFDC. Especially now that I hear ImplDoll will be there! Eeeek! [I so don't deserve this. I almost feel guilty. Well, I do feel guilty. But beggars can't be choosers, right?]

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