Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pipos Baby Alice!

I was browsing around on Denver Doll's website today, and I came across a couple of adorable Alice in Wonderland dolls.

  • Baby Alice, full set dolls. Available in a pink or blue dress, these girls stand only 13.5 cm tall with 14 mm eyes. They are so cute! They retail at $350.
  • Ruth Basic, available in gray or pink skin. $180 will get you the basic pig, which stand 13.4 cm tall, including piggy ears and magnetic tail.
  • Baby Cheshire Naughty, retail $190. He stands 14.3 cm tall, including ears. He has a jointed tail, and is available in gray skin. 
There are several other new characters as well, Basic Robin (a fox), and Basic Ringo (a beige cat), and Basic Rooney (a rabbit), but they aren't all in stock, but they are very cute.

Photos property of Pipos.


  1. Wow, she is gorgeous! Too bad I don't have the money for these guys right now...

  2. I know--my thoughts exactly! :)

  3. Really cute, thanks for the peek.


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