Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prince of Persia dolls announced on Tonner's website

Two new Prince of Persia dolls are available now for pre-order from Tonner Doll.
Based on the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures movie (May 28 is the film release dat), the featured dolls are:
  • Prince Dastan, LE1000, $209.99. He's a 17.5" athletic male body and a new facial sculpt based on the likeness of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. He includes an elaborate resin dagger as well as a detailed costume.
  • Tamina, LE500, $179.99. She's a 16" Tyler Wentworth body with brown eyes and a convertible feet and a new sculpt based on Gemma Arterton. Her outfit includes a gorgeous harem pant and brocade tunic ensemble, metallic slippers and the Amulet  of Time Child necklace.
No delivery date for the dolls have yet been announced.


  1. oh HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I wont be able to get him though!! boo..cant afford to right now!


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