Friday, May 7, 2010

Simply Alice is finally home!

Jointing etc., originally uploaded by alington.
Meet Simply Alice, my latest Kim Lasher BJD. She's a little over 23" tall, and my very first little-girl SD BJD. I ordered her maybe even before I saw the sketch.
I'm pathetic--I saw Kim Lasher, Alice, and SD in the description, and new she had to come home with me.

Kim's dolls all have something non-proportional about their faces. In this case, Alice almost looks like you're looking at her through a fish-eye lens. I love this unique look and style--she's different from my other dolls. Especially her sad eyes and big cheeks.

The resin is perfectly sanded, and nice and heavy and smooth. Her eyes are soft glass (I love them--they look wet, like she's been crying, which Alice does a lot of in her famous Adventures). Her outfit is very detailed--little black buttons, lace, chiffon sleeves. She's wearing black and white striped tights and white patent mary janes. She even has a key charm necklace.

Her joints look lovely, but they are single joints. She's not as posable as some of my other BJDs. But they look so nice, it doesn't really bother me. And I love her elegant hands!

She is my first SD-sized little girl sculpt. I will have to add some body blush soon. You can see the rest of her first photo shoot on Flickr.


  1. I like her! The hands are really lovely as well. Your house must be gigantic! So many dolls :)

  2. Well, I also have four kids at home with me. It's a nice size--but I'm allowed to keep the dolls in the living room, which is a nice arrangement. ;)

    Our house is about 2000 sqft, which is big enough so only one pair of kids have to share a room (they are 4 and 6). And I can clean the house in a day, if I don't let it go for too long. (That's the key, right there.) LOL!


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