Friday, March 30, 2012

Superfrock new release - Katana

Katana - photo property of Superfrock.
Katana is now available to order from Superfrock. She is a new Sybarite resin fashion BJD in pale skin tone, and Fuju clone. She is in stock and ready to ship. Her price: £344.12 (about $550)

Katana is the first of the "Fashion Police" collection, and she is a criminologist. She has pale grey eyes, dusted with charcoal shadow and lined with black with hand-applied eyelashes. She wears a lovely white and gray braided wig and tied with slim red ribbon which accent her lips.

Her outfit is a belted strapless white cocktail dress with a black, laser cut overlay and inset bustle. She includes white sheer footless hose and fabulous white, black, and lime platform shoes.

Additional accessories include a face mask, "forensic size" handbag, enamel earrings, and "suicidal wrist wraps." She includes a stand, as well.


  1. Hhhmmmm, I'm just not feeling the love for the latest batch of Sybs :o(

  2. "Suicidal wrist wraps"? Insensitive, much?

  3. Per Superfrock's own description. I found it a little disturbing myself. Perhaps having to do with Katana being a member of the Fashion Police and criminologist? But still. Ick.

  4. She looks a lot like Meryl Streep!


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