Monday, May 6, 2013

Rufus' Travel Tips

This past fall, my husband, Chris & I flew back to his home state of Maine to attend his high school buddy's wedding. After being inspired by fellow FDR writer Carolyn and her adventures with Collette, I decided I would bring Dynamite Girl Rufus along on our trip. She was pretty quiet and subdued the whole week; in fact, it didn't seem like she was enjoying herself much. However, when we returned home, she had apparently had gathered many opinions about traveling that she felt compelled to share with all of the other dolls out there who read this blog.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Rufus and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author or Fashion Doll Review.

1. Be sure to pack a few comforting things, just in case you get homesick while you're on your away. I always bring my pink teddy bear with me to cuddle up with. And shoes. Shoes always make me feel better in any situation; the more pairs, the better. If you can't fit all of your shoes in one suitcase, make sure you fly Southwest Airlines: they allow two free checked bags.
2. If your suitcase is so full that it won't close, don't worry. Just sit on it until it fits. And if you're hollow plastic and don't have enough weight to hold it closed, find a larger, heavier, non-hollow friend to help.
3. Don't pack loaded guns in your carry-on. The TSA doesn't like it very much.
4. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes on your journey, especially if you'll be making a transfer. Even airports with moving sidewalks require a lot of walking, especially when you're only 12" tall. Also, if you've worn heels your whole life, like me, and your feet are permanently on tip-toe, borrow these comfy casual shoes from your friend Twilight Bella - they'll fit heeled feet.
5. Stretch your legs out as much as possible while you're waiting at your gate. Once you're on that cramped plane, you'll be glad you did.
6. This is not a tip, but a question: what's with all of these giant arm chairs in airports these days? Seriously, you could fit like 10 of me on this chair!
7. I suggest bringing lots of reading material in your carry-on - it's going to be a long flight!
8. Get a window seat whenever possible - the views from up above the clouds are spectacular!
9. If you order a snack on the plane, always order the small fruit cup. The large is simply too much food for one person!
10. When you reach your destination city and pick up your rental car, make sure to immediately call "shot gun!" to claim the front passenger seat. Otherwise, you'll end up camped out on the dashboard, like I did.
11. If you get carsick, like I do, find a better spot in the car where you can see directly out the front windshield. I recommend the driver's shoulder. He might make a face, but don't worry, he doesn't really mind.

12. If you get bored on the driving portion of your trip, just make fun of the local town names. I found Maine to be a great state for this.
13. Once you finally reach your destination, take a look around and get your bearings.
14. If you're lucky enough to be in a beautiful place like Auburn, Maine, get a friend to take a few photos of you. You'll be glad you did.

15. Enjoy your vacation!
Note: Model pictured is "Rufus Blue" from the Dynamite Girls Vintage Vinyl collection by Integrity Toys. She is wearing a red Mattel jacket, necklace by my friend Tracy, lace top & jeans by jennygrey.


  1. Rufus, thanks so much for sharing your travel tips with us! I'm just so glad no one at TSA searched your bag. And I'm really sorry Chris was such a grump, but he really should have given his seat up for you, since you're such a lady! :)

  2. This was a wonderful post! So much fun. Thanks for the tips. They were spot on.


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