Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tonner convention highlights

Here are some of the dolls from Tonner's latest convention.

I Want Candy - opening reception

 Cotton Candy centerpiece - Cinderella head on Tyler body, LE150. Lavender hair -- so cute!

 Kandy Kane centerpiece - Daphne head on Tyler body, LE150. Rooted platinum, red and green hair.

 Loli Pop centerpiece - new headsculpt (Model #3) on Tyler body, LE150.

Too Sweet souvenir doll, LE300 - Angelina head sculpt, Tyler body. Pink hair!

Wilde Innocence brunch

Dark Innocence Parnilla - centerpiece LE125 - hard plastic body

Dark Innocence Evangeline - centerpiece, LE125 - hard plastic body

 All Good Lizette - centerpiece, LE150

 Falling to Pieces Ellowyne - centerpiece LE300

Picking Up the Pieces Prudence - centerpiece, LE150

Tonner introduced a new resin doll line, Sad Sally, at this luncheon. She's 7" tall, and is wigged with interchangeable eyes. A dressed doll and four outfits were previewed, with a release scheduled for later this year.

At the Great Scott and All That Jazz event, several great historically inspired centerpiece dolls and a souvenir were presented. The centerpiece base features a chair, called Have a Seat, and is limited to 100.

Daisy - features a blonde Cami head sculpt on an Antoinette body. She was the souvenir and is limited to 250.

Myrtle - centerpiece doll - LE15 - Jon head sculpt on an Antoinette body

Jay - New Matt head sculpt on a 17" Matt body - centerpiece, LE150

Zelda  - another Cami head sculpt on an Antoinette body - LE200

The Go Fly A Kite event featured two cute Patsy dolls. Above, it's Patsy Baby Blues, who is the LE 100 centerpiece.

The souvenir doll, Patsy in the Pink, is limited to 200.

At the 1960s era Tonner-A-Go-Go luncheon, Sydney makes an appearance as Sydney A Go Go, the LE125 souvenir doll.
Mod Tyler - LE125 - centerpiece doll

Mod Ava is a centerpiece - LE75

Lady Grace, is the souvenir doll from the Round and Round at the Carousel Ball event. Cami head sculpt and Antoinette body, LE300. 1900s inspired lace gown and hat in blush. I think she's a redhead with blue/grey eyes.

Lady Agnes - Duchess head and Antoinette body, LE100 (centerpiece #1). Burgundy gown with gold accents, lace shirt. Auburn hair with green eyes (I think).

Lady Catherine - Antoinette head and body, LE100 (centerpiece #2). Lavender gown and hat, blonde up-do with brown eyes.

Lady Ann - Precarious head on Antoinette body (LE100) (centerpiece #3). Peach gown with blue and black accents. I believe she's a raven-haired doll with green eyes.

Lady Emily (my favorite!) - Daphne head on Antoinette body (LE100) (centerpiece #4). Red, white and navy gown and hat. She's got brunette hair and blue eyes.

The dolls were displayed on Kronemann Carousel horses, which are resin and hand-painted--there are six different horses in this collection.

Sunday morning featured a Dr. Seuss themed event, with three small dolls as centerpieces and Seussian Basic (Monica Merril head sculpt) as a the souvenir doll.

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