Thursday, May 9, 2013

Steffie: Out of the Box Volume II - it's on the shelf!

Check out my post over at Out of the Box Publishing for the latest and greatest on the publishing world here at the Fashion Doll Review, including a coupon code for $5 off my latest book, Steffie; Out of the Box Volume II.

I'll be expecting my first shipment on May 20, but Amazon seems to already have them in stock!


  1. How exciting!!!

    I'm actually holding another book fair at the end of this month. Your timing is perfect!

  2. Well, if my bank account survives the BJD expo I am going to tomorrow, I will buy myself a copy.

    Oh, and don't think I have gone over to the dark side, despite the expo I am going to, and the cookies I have been promised - I am looking for stuff for my Tonners. I still can't quite bring myself to get a BJD, because I think I will be a pauper with lots and lots of dolls as it is WITHOUT a new type of doll to suck my bank account dry every month.


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