Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day Wish List

I highly recommend that you make yourself a wish list, too. If you're a mother. Or about to be a mother. Or a mother of dolls (or would like to be a mother of dolls) who is an aunt (Jen!) or has a significant other (Melissa!). Because really, how else will anyone know what you really want for Mother's Day? Or for a treat? Or for fun? Or for special? Or just because?

Have trouble keeping track of your wish lists? Let me recommend Galleries on Flickr. Create one called "Wish List" and just add your favorite photos of dolls (with notes) to that gallery (or those galleries). It's a great system!

So... my current wish list:

  • Er, first, reset my doll allowance. Like, starting in May, I would actually get a doll allowance again. (I know, that's asking a whole terrible lot. But if you don't ask...)
  • Doll in Mind Love - Kassia or Bellose (I like both), and I love both the open eye and half-closed eyes. I may eventually need one open-eye and one half-closed (one Bellose and one Kassia).
  • Fairyland Rona. Ok, she's really expensive. But she's just so pretty.
  • Peak's Woods Segi. I can't help myself. I adore her. I would go for either normal skin or white. I think I'd prefer large bust, since they fit DollHeart clothing better. I love their factory face-ups, also, but I don't require one, since I have an appointment in May with Leah Lilly.
  • Planet Doll Riz or Mini Riz. I'd prefer normal skin. I don't have to have a factory face-up, either. And also, the Doll Market carries these dolls, too.
  • Aren, a Mini Gem by Soom. She was on my list around Christmas, and I still haven't yet added her.
  • Another tiny, Leekeworld Vanilla. I just love her. She's a YoSD size.
Photos courtesy of DIM, Peak's Woods, Soom and PlanetDoll/the Doll Market.


  1. Kassia is now on my wish list :-)

  2. Oh wonderful! I'm so glad I can be helpful like that. ;)

  3. Maybe you should add another item to the list - "Winning PowerBall numbers" so then you can say, "Honey, we can SO afford that doll!"

    Heck, that would be the top item on my wish list, then I wouldn't have to listen to any budget rumblings from over here, either.

  4. Blue, what a brilliant idea! :)


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