Friday, May 6, 2011

Bililons of Dreams

Bililons of Dreams, originally uploaded by alington.
1997 Billions of Dreams Barbie is another grail in my collection. I'd always wanted to add this doll to my gorgeous gown themed dolls, and here she is.

She was limited to 10,000 dolls, and one of these is supposed to be the one billionth Barbie Mattel has manufactured. A fellow collector suggested Mattel should have put a prize in the billionth box. (Like how about a gift certificate for free Barbies for the rest of your life?)

She's very lovely--serene Mackie face, gorgeous satin gown embellished with rhinestones, the bodice covered with iridescent sequins. The gown is pale blue, and her shawl is reversible--pink and pale blue.

She's wearing pale blue spikes (I think--maybe white), and also has a small quilted purse, with a rhinestone "button" on it. It's really cute, and I dropped it when I took her out of the case. I still cannot find the thing.

See more photos of her on Flickr.

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