Saturday, May 21, 2011

Updates from Tonner Doll convention

Ultra Basic Gina, a new addition to Cami & Jon line
Are you following along with Tonner's convention this week? You can at their Wordpress blog. There are sevreal great workshops this year, including a repaint workshop.

Several interesting centerpieces have been spotted, but as they are official Tonner photos, I'll let you visit the blog yourself to see them. Here's what struck my eye:
  • Young New York Cami & Jon luncheon. Jon made an appearance as a wigged doll, sporting a supercute short wig, dressed in black white and either gold or orange, depending on how much editing was done to the photo. The new doll, Gina, is described as "a basic, with purple intimates, auburn hair, and a stunning bone structure," which you can interpret as you like. All I can see is that huge man-jaw. But I do love her cheekbones. And perhaps with another hair style, she'd be quite feminine.
  • The Pin Up Event. Oh my. Check out the centerpiece doll. She's a new head sculpt on the "new" Tyler Wentworth body. Oh. I just found her promo photo, and she's not as fun as her promo photo. Who knows? I'd have to see her in person. But what if she's a pretty doll, and she's not super thin?
And then there's the QR Code challenge. Aye! So you don't actually have to have a Smart Phone to play this game. You just have to have a reader installed on your computer. But even then... consider it to be an investment of time. Just so you know.

As you might have gathered, I have a pretty bad headache today... maybe you should take my words as a grain of salt. ;) Or pile of dog do. That's what I really mean. LOL!

And go bid on my auctions! As of this morning, not a single bid on either of the vintage Barbies, and they are really cute. And I cannot WAIT to show you DeeAnna Denton as Bye Bye Baby. She arrived yesterday, and she is such a hottie!

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  1. She looks like a 16' version of the Revlon sculpt.



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