Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hair Happenin's Francie, stock #1122

Here is a 1970 Hair Happenin's Francie doll, mint in her original box. She was available only as a blonde with chin-length hair and came with 4 additional hairpieces. Her hair is parted in the middle and she wore a blue ribbon headband. (The headband on my Francie has turned purple).  Her eyes and brows were brown, she has rooted lashes, and her lips were pink. She wears an aqua nylon mini-dress with attached panties and crochet sleeves and waist accents. Accessories include a clear X stand, blue soft pointed-toe heels, and a green and silver foil wristtag. This Francie features the TNT (Twist-'N-Turn) waist and bendable legs. Hair Happenin's France is fairly easy to find and the current market value is about $95 for a loose doll in near mint condition.

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  1. WOW! She is really amazing, Kathie! I think I just added another doll to my want-to-trade list. (Mine doesn't have to be NRFB, but WOW--yours is so amazing. Remind me to look for her next time we have a Barbie meet!)

    I LOVE her!


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