Thursday, May 12, 2011

QR Code hunt at the Tonner Collector's Convention

Ask: Response in Yellow, by Fluevog.
Have you heard of QR Codes? You see them lots of places... mostly as advertising, I have to admit, in magazines, printed advertising, and on this gorgeous pair of clogs by John Fluevog. (Fluevog day is May 15, by the way!)

You can download a QR Code reader--for free--for your smart phone. It scans in the code, and sends you off to the company's website for more information. Try it out on my shoes above, if you like.

In any case, Tonner Convention attendees will be doing a QR Code scavenger hunt this year, and online attendees will have the opportunity to do one online as well. What do you think of that? You can read about it, and the first comment about the contest, on Tonner's blog.

Suffice it to say, I already have one of these readers on my iPhone, since I had to know what the heck the code linked to on my shoe. If you're curious, it links to the YouTube video of the manufacturing process of the shoe, which is also featured on the shopping link on the website, right here. The shoes are fabulously comfortable, especially for a wooden clog. I love my 'Vogs--about as much as dolls, in fact. I collect them, and wear them almost daily.

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  1. How 21st century! I myself don't have a smartphone, but I still think this is so cool of Tonner!


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