Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I didn't do before I collected dolls

Goldie as Alice, originally uploaded by alington.
I haven't posted a top 10 list in a while, and it's time. Here are the top ten things I do (as a doll collector) that I didn't do before I got into the hobby.
  1. Dream about dolls
  2. Stay up late obsessing about how I am going to get my latest grail
  3. Stay up late worrying about how I am going to pay for said grail
  4. Stay up late worrying how I am going to explain my doll budget to my adoring husband
  5. Run out of room in my doll cabinets
  6. Buy special cabinets for the dolls
  7. Spend X amount of time online per day, doing research on dolls, where X is an embarrassingly large number
  8. Spend the evening redressing my dolls, and actually look forward to the evening redressing my dolls
  9. Write a book about dolls
  10. Write a blog about dolls
What about you? Have you started doing anything that surprised you? I wouldn't call myself a hoarder, per se, though perhaps some of my relatives might disagree. And my dolls actually do rotate through my collection--they move on to new homes occasionally, much to the chagrin of some other doll-collecting friends of mine.


  1. 11. Look at a human sized dress and think it would look great on my doll^_~


  2. 12. Juggled bills to make sure I could get my dolls.

    13. Paid my doll purchases off in full before paying any bills.

    14. Lost what was left of my mind with dolls by contemplating presents for them.

    15. Had more fun interacting with dolls than with most people - oh, wait, I did that before I became a "serious" collector.

    16. Lied like this to a living person - "No really, the Frankendolly process won't hurt, and you'll be able to move better once I pop your head onto this new body."

  3. Ariss and Blue, you 2 make me smile. :)

    13. check the Barbie aisle on EVERY trip to Target

    14. visit Toys R Us AT ALL!

    15. spend nearly every weekend meeting up with women in my city to talk for hours about dolls

    16. sew any clothes smaller than newborn baby size

    17. collect fast food drink cups to make miniature lampshades

    18. always have an eye out for tiny print fabrics that will work with doll-scale

    19. collect tiny buttons

    20. photograph inanimate objects

    21. eat up the latest issues of doll magazines

    22. have an etsy store selling doll clothes

    how dull life was back then!

  4. Since collecting I have ...

    1. explored the Internet for research
    2. bought dolls online
    3. sold dolls online
    4. traded dolls online
    5. given and accepted fellowship from "strangers"
    6. written a blog
    7. posted occasionally challenging posts
    8. taken up digital photography
    9. used my office skills in new ways
    10. travelled to the suburbs to meet other collectors

  5. All of these...thinking and dreaming of it all the time.


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