Saturday, May 21, 2011


Lately, the buzz has been about the Tonner convention, which just started on Thursday. Doll boards, forums and chat rooms, as well as e mail groups, have been lighting up about what Tonner might be up to now, especially since this convention is celebrating twenty years of Tonner dolls.

I have only been a collector of Tonner dolls for the last four years, so I guess this explains why Tonner dolls have always been so wonderful, during my time collecting them! Robert Tonner had sixteen years of experience perfecting them, by the time I got hold of the first of his dolls in my collection. About the only complaint I have is that Mr. Tonner seems to be actively conspiring to rob me blind; not at gunpoint, but rather, at doll-point, if that makes any sense.

I keep TELLING myself to be good. "No more dolls, you have enough with one hundred of these beauties."

However, since this is a blog about dolls and doll collecting, you ALL know how futile it is to tell yourself "enough," when it comes to dolls.

What spurred this entry, however, is a comment my friend Gina made in her chatroom, when some of the rest of us were grumbling about missing the fun of conventions. Gina gets to go to IDEX every year, but that is because that particular convention is held not too far from her home.

"It's ironic," Gina commented in the chat, "in order to save up the money to go to a
convention other than the one near my home, I would have to stop buying dolls."

I could not continue with the chat for a few moments, because I could NOT stop
laughing. Then I had a really good, hard think about it, and realized she was right. Not only is her statement the perfect example of irony, it is also a Catch-22:

In order to go to a doll convention, mad collectors, such as myself, would have to stop buying dolls. However, if enough people do this, so they can save enough money to attend doll conventions, this would put a doll company in danger of going out of business, due to lack of income.


Does anyone know where I can get seeds for a money tree?

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