Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bye Bye, Baby DeeAnna Denton

Bye Bye, Baby DeeAnna Denton, originally uploaded by alington.
Va va voom! DeeAnna Denton's newest incarnation has arrived, and I've finally taken the time for her much-deserved photoshoot.

I adore her. She's a brown-eyed (with applied eyelashes), sassy blonde, styled a la Marilyn. She's dressed in a lovely black velvet cocktail dress with a shirred chiffon waist, tied in the back with a large black bow.

Accessories include black satin pumps, a rhinestone bracelet, necklace, and "hoop" earrings.

The only things I'd add is a gorgeous satin clutch with a few rhinestones and perhaps some gold trim. And maybe some dolla bills hanging out a bit.

Oh yes--and a martini glass. Wouldn't you say?

See a few more photos on Flickr.


  1. She sure is a beauty! But there are a number of DeeAnna fans who are SURE that the name Bye-Bye Baby means that Tonner is discontinuing the DeeAnna line. Do any of your sources have the inside scoop?

  2. Wow--I hadn't ever thought of that. But it could be true, I suppose. I sure hope not! DeeAnna is one of my secret guilty pleasures I always tell myself I won't buy, and then I do! ;)

  3. This one is beautiful! The clutch would be the added touch! WOW! Hugs!


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