Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas... and I even have a picture!

This is the time of year when most Americans seem to lose their minds, and spend like there's no tomorrow. Yes, we as a people throw financial caution to the wind, especially when offered irresistible door buster sales opportunities. January should perhaps be renamed "Resmorseuary," because that is the time the credit card bills start coming in, and most Americans realize that they will get their credit cards back down to reasonable balances just in time for NEXT year's Black Friday.

Doll collectors have this problem all year long, but I digress.

I have decided I want to rectify this situation with a very simple wish list, which includes only one item. Thankfully, Mabel, one of the members of my doll club, showed up with a beautiful simulacrum of the item I want. I am posting a picture of this item, and I will not caption the picture, since it should be obvious what it is, and why I want it. I have never seen one of these in reality.

Thank you, Mabel. You have made the acquisition of the thing I want most at this moment in time possible through your incredible artistry. Now I can show my family and friends EXACTLY what I want, without fumbling for words to describe it.

ADDENDUM: A last minute addition, but Mabel informed me that another member of our club, an equally great lady named Bobbi, helped her create this simulacrum. I always like to make sure that credit is given where it is due. So any kudos for this piece of artistry belong in equal terms to Mabel AND Bobbi.


  1. I want one too, but about 5 times the size ;o)

  2. LOL! We all want that! XD


  3. when you pick the money off, do two more grow in its place?

  4. DollGrrlTrixie has the right idea, I think! ;)


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