Friday, December 9, 2011

A Direct Appeal

Dear Mr. Tonner,

Earlier in 2011, you released, as exclusives to your authorized dealer, the excellent Cherished Friends, two new characters on the Antoinette body, those of Rose and Chrys. Needless to say, with my doll club, Chrys was an immediate hit, because there are a grand total of five of them amongst our membership.

In a review I posted a few months ago, I made a rather unsubtle reference to you, sir, craftily choosing a sculpt (Stella) that you KNEW I would be unable to resist, despite my doll budget going down in flames every single month for a Tonner doll or dolls.

I know you are a busy, busy dollmaker, with probably hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of folks writing odes to your dolls, and did not see this post. My intent was to let you know that if you so desired to release MORE Chrys dolls upon an admiring public, that you would probably acquire more sales of this lovely doll. So, I thought I would take the direct route, and ask one of our youngest members, known affectionately as Evelyn Twist to make a statement, which you can read across the bottom of the attached picture.

Thank you, not only for your time, but your beautiful, beautiful dolls.


Lynda-Marie Hauptman, OCD Member and Tonner-holic

Evelyn Twist, OCD member

1 comment:

  1. *grins*
    Nice letter. I have Rose and it's nice to have new face sculpts on this body.



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