Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bring a lovely Peak's Woods girl home for the holidays!

If you frequent The Fashion Doll Review, you have undoubtedly seen some lovely Peak's Woods girls. In order to help with funding of further dolly / holiday purchases, I am parting with one of my own Peak's Woods girls - a Fairy of Colors Yeru.

Yeru is a charming little lady! She is an older Peak's Woods girl with the S-hook loop in her headcap and she has also yellowed a bit. In spite of her yellowing, she is very lovely. I worked a lot on buffing some of the yellow out of Yeru, and I think she is just fine as she is! She is very tightly strung, but as a result, she stands like a rock! Yeru has a beautiful custom face-up, and would love to come home with you for the holidays!

Since she isn't quite as pristine as a brand new dolly, I am only asking $400 + shipping for her. This is nearly $200 off the original price! If you might be interested in bringing Yeru home, send me an email at melissa.metheney@gmail.com

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