Sunday, June 10, 2012

Collecting...hmmm, hoarding?

So, I hope this will be a short post. I need to get back to organizing, pricing, and packing my "stuff" to sell at the Barbie Convention next month. I actually tried writing a post back in April about my endeavors, but it is still in draft mode due to my inability to prioritize, organize, and just plain not buy anything new to add to my ever increasing pile of...well, you get the idea.

Anyway, I had to write this because I wanted to share my elation over finding a doll that I just knew was somewhere in the house, but was eluding my efforts at finding her. There she was, in the bottom of a box, under plastic baggies stuffed with 1:6 scale accessories and play line clothing. Said box was shoved under a piece of furniture, off in a corner of the room inaccessible due to all the other stuff I had placed in front of it. Agnes was not amused.
agnes 003
I used to call myself a collector. I believe I have passed that stage and entered the realm of hoarding. Please, someone come over and save me from myself!


  1. I find the best medicine for a hoarder is to just give stuff away. This only works if you make it count. I sometimes choose some of my better dolls, dress them in some of my better clothes and add some jewellery. Then I package them nicely and give to orphans with the message that they are princesses and that the dolls are meant to remind them of that fact. Hoarding problem, sorted!


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