Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suggested Reading: The Toy Box Philosopher

The Toy Box Philosopher blog
If you're interested in the latest reviews of dolls, subscribing to The Toy Box Philosopher is an absolute must! Emily's blog is an honest, down-to-earth and extremely detailed account of reviews of all sorts of dolls and collector items--ranging from Monster High dolls to Tonner Dolls to Sybarite--with a lot of detailed photos and humor thrown in as well.

I love her photography--it's really fun to look at, and she considers all sorts of things collectors consider (and things I often wouldn't even think to consider) when purchasing dolls. She purchases the items and reviews them, but I bet if we can get her some additional readers, and doll companies start discovering her site, manufacturers would be wise to start sending her free goodies to review!

You can follow Em's blog directly and also on Facebook.

Seriously, people, I know I get a lot of readers here looking for photos and reviews of Monster High dolls--you must go check out some of her reviews of these products. Here's another courtesy screen shot and a link to one of my favorite reviews--Howleen and Clawdeen Sister set:

Also--did you know she did a giveaway in May? Of Cupid?

Stop wasting your time reading my drivel and go start reading the Toy Box Philosopher. And as always--don't forget to support your local bloggers by leaving thoughtful comments, clicking on their ads and buying their previously loved items.

Plus, I have to say--if you ever do business with Em on Prego--she is just totally 100% awesome, too.

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