Monday, June 4, 2012

Tropicalia? What is it?

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Based on the Integrity Toys upcoming convention, I found the following article on Tropicália from Wikipedia:
Tropicália, also known as Tropicalism, is a Brazilian music movement that arose in the late 1960s and encompassed theatre, poetry, and music, among other forms. It came under the influence of avant-garde artistic trends and pop culture and foreign (such as pop rock and concreteness); mixed traditional manifestations of Brazilian culture to radical aesthetic innovations. Tropicália was influenced by poesia concreta(concrete poetry), a genre of Brazilian avant-garde poetry embodied in the works of Augusto de CamposHaroldo de Campos, and Décio Pignatari, among a few others.[1] However, Tropicália is associated almost exclusively with the musical expression movement, both in Brazil and internationally, which arose from the fusion of several musical genres, like Brazilian and African rhythms and rock and roll
Additionally, I found more information on The Barbican's website. Apparently, this movement was formed in response to the military dictatorship in Brazil at the time. While it only lasted from 1967-1972, its influence can still be seen today in musicians such as David Bowie, David Byrne, Beck and The Bees.

In doing an image search for "tropicalia," I came up with quite a range of images, which I'm including with links to their original sources here as well. Psychedelic colors, flowing fabric, large prints, fruit hats, beads and feathers seem to be recurring themes--just from my short searches.

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An example of Tropicalia inspired shoes - for kids today - just adorable and cute:

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