Sunday, June 24, 2012

My pathetic attempt at doll sales.

So... you know those annoying dolls-for-sale posts you've been seeing lately? The point: to get a little extra spending money for the upcoming Barbie convention.

Here's a brief update:

First, every person who I've dealt with so far has just been nothing short of angelic. Thank you!

Second, I have to confess that my goal has fallen short. Instead of getting more money, I've actually gotten more dolls. I've been trading, trading, and trading. While I have managed to sell a few, I've ended up trading far more. I've been able to add several grails--like, the I'll-never-be-able-to-own-one-of-these--to my collection. It's fantastic!

But at the same time... well, what can I say? LOL!


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  2. So long as you don't have to say something like, "Um, honey, about this month's mortgage payment..." I think you're doing all right.

    If I were not up to my neck at this moment, I would ask what you had available, and at least make you offers for an exchange for dolls for money.

    So much for my New Year's resolution, AGAIN. Sigh.


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