Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Design your own Barbie at

Design your own Barbie from Mattel!


  1. The new 3D program in Japan where they scan ones whole body and print out a identical image in miniature will be hard to beat. However if you can do something like this but under budget and affordable for most affordable income. I would say your sales would go through the roof. I like the idea we could design a Barbie because their are many out there that live in fantasy world and that works accommodate them. Again though, like most, many are not programmed that way, creatively I mean or computer savvy. So I will end there with some obstacles or hurdles for you or others to solve. Good luck. I hope to see your resolution in the future. Heather from Australia

    1. Wow--what a fantastic idea. I love it--and I haven't heard of these 3D miniature scanners used for making dolls, but what a fantastic idea. Although--perhaps here in the US, that wouldn't necessarily be ideal. Many collectors prefer a more "ideal" look to their dolls (by which I mean emaciated).

      On another note, I'm not sure they are on the shelves in Australia yet, but Mattel's latest playline release here has included a wider variety of body types, skin tones and hair colors in their dolls, including a taller body, a petite doll, and a curvy body, all thanks to a relatively young, creative and new designer--I think it's Carlyle Nuera. You can see the link to them here:

      I'm quite impressed!


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