Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean from Tonner Doll

The 16" Marilyn Monroe collection is now available for preorder from Tonner Doll Company. Marilyn uses the Starlet body, which is the Tyler skin tone, with rooted blonde hair and painted blue eyes. All dolls include a stand.

16" Diamonds is limited to 1000 and retails for $189.99. She has a lovely peony dress with large back bow with black trim, a matching belt, gloves, and shoes, rhinestone jewelry, and hose.

James Dean is limited to 1000 and retails for $159.99. He uses a new head sculpt and the 17" Matt O'Neil body. No photo is yet available, but he will have blonde rooted hair and blue eyes. He's dressed in a white shirt, denim pants, red jacket and black boots.

I Just Adore Conversation is the outfit only, and retails for $124.99 and is limited to $124.99. It includes the lovely chiffon beaded gown, matching fringed scarf, rhinestone earrings and bracelet, and gold shoes.

Roberta Moves In is an outfit that retails for $99.99 which is limited to 300. It includes a sharply tailored dark blue and white skirt and jacket, white gloves, faux pearl bracelet, beaded bracelet, flower beaded earrings, and a white hat with dark blue trim and veil. (I think this is my favorite outfit!)

Hot Night is another limited edition of 300 outfit, retailing for $89.99. This includes a fuchsia dress, white scarf, silver earrings and gold bracelet, with black sandals.

I am Lorelei is limited to 300, and this outfit includes a blue dress with matching belt and jacket, tan faux fur scarf, blue beaded earrings, rhinestone bracelet, and matching shoes. It retails for $99.99.

Marilyn Monroe as Pola Debevoise retails for $124.99 and is limited to 500. She include a red bathing suit, rhinestone earrings, and red shoes with clear soles.

Shipping dates are still to be announced, but your dolls can be reserved at Tonner or can be preordered from your favorite Tonner dealers today. I can recommend Dreamcastle Dolls.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

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