Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More new character figures from Tonner's Fall/Holiday release

More new character figures from the Fall/Holiday release from Tonner Doll Company:

Tangled is a new Disney character figure who uses the flat-foot Ellowyne Wilde™ body with green eyes and long blonde rooted hair. She's adorable, limited to 1000, and retails at $189.99. (Yay for you, Charlie--will Martie have a new friend?) She includes ballet slippers, not shown with her flat feet. (Ellowyne collectors--do you imagine a renaissance faire Ellowyne in this outfit?)

My Tara is currently in stock and is limited to just 350 dolls. A new addition to the Gone with the Wind collection, this doll uses the Vivian Leigh sculpt, retails for $199.99, and has rooted brown hair and green eyes. She is dressed in a green dress with faux pearl accents. She includes a straw hat, petticoat, matching shoes, and hose.

Deathly Hallows Ron Weasley is limited to 500 and retails for $159.99. He has a non-removable wig, grey blue eyes, and is dressed in a plaid jacket, jeans, plaid corduroy shirt with ribbed collar, and brown shoes.

From the Marvel collection, X-23 retails for $159.99 and is limited to 300 (a small edition size for a Marvel character, I think). She uses a raven Breathless sculpt with green eyes (with rather gorgeous facial screening), and she's on a 16" cameo heroic body. She includes a set of cameo skin tone hands as well as her black fist/claw hands. Her boots also have attached resin claws.

Dorothy™ is a new addition to the Wizard of Oz collection and limited to 500. She retails for $179.99, and she's steampunk themed! She has the Judy Garland head sculpt and something called a Cheerleader body (I'll have to get back to you on that!). She has brown painted eyes, saran hair, and a fantastic outfit. I just love her.

There is also a Scarecrow, with photos coming soon. Limited to 500 and $189.99, he uses the Matt O'Neil head sculpt and body. He'll have black hair and blue eyes, and also a steampunk style outfit, including a sword. The names of these dolls are subject to change, per the licensor agreement.

 Photos of Huey from the Memphis collection are available, and his outfit is to die for! I love it! Surprisingly, I think his molded hair is okay, too. He's $174.99, limited to 750. He's wearing black and white pants, a multi-colored shirt (check out the collar), and a black and red polkadot jacket with leopard print lining. He also include a charcoal grey hat, faux leather shoes and black socks.

These dolls are available for preorder now. All except Scarlett have shipping dates to be determined.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Carol of Dreamcastle Dolls already made the inquiry - the "cheerleader" body is the same as the "teen" body on the earlier Dorothy Gale, Reading To Alice and Waif dolls. The body is 15 inches tall, and somewhat thicker in the waist and bust area than the regular Tyler style body.

  2. Thanks a bunch, Blue, that helps! It makes sense that Dorothy should be able to wear her other outfits, too. ;)


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