Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some photo eye candy of my newest Ellowyne

Okay, a quick post on three new things I have to share with you:

#1: My newest Ellowyne Wilde, "Nothing Springs to Mind" from the Spring 2010 line. I acquired her in a trade, nude, from my friend and fellow FDR writer, Carolyn and she's so pretty! (I meant Ellowyne, but Carolyn's pretty, too.) She's only my second Ellowyne (the first being Essential Ellowyne, Too Wigged Out, from Fall 2009), and my first with painted eyes. Carolyn, our resident hair expert, trimmed the long chunk of hair the hangs down in the front and I think it looks much better short.

#2: The backdrops on the wall and floor are two woven placemats that I just picked up from IKEA the other day in a light grey and medium grey. I tend to shoot everything on a white background because I like the cleanness of it, but I thought I should branch out and try a little more color and texture.

The same dress, on a 16" Poppy Parker
#3: Finally, I've been sewing some new outfits for Integrity Toys' new 16" Poppy Parker Fashion Teen, and this blue and white striped dress just happened to fit Ellowyne, too. (If you like it, it's currently for sale in my Etsy shop!) Plus, she needed something to wear for the photo shoot - Carolyn would probably have some strong words for me if I did a nude photoshoot of one of her Ellowynes, even if she does live with me now. Carolyn has such a deep love for her dolls, they always belong to her to some degree, no matter whose house they live at.

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  1. Both Carolyn and Ellowyne are pretty! :) I love the dress--it's very cute!


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