Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dolls of the World and Birthday Wishes Barbie

Mattel has also released a new Birthday Wishes Barbie who I believe uses the Mackie sculpt with adorable side glancing eyes. (At first, I was sure this was Steffie, but upon a second glance, I'm pretty sure this is Mackie.)

She is currently listed for $39.99, and possibly may not ship till 2013. She is dressed in a lovely pink dress with puffy sleeves with a voluminous pink tulle skirt with silver glitter.

Several new Dolls of the World have also been announced as well. They are listed at $29.99 each, with shipping dates to be determined.

No photo is available yet for the new Dolls of the World Canada Barbie. Her outfit is inspired by the Canadian Mountie uniform, however, like the previous DOTW, only she will be dressed in a skirt. (I can't wait to see!)

Dolls of the World France also uses the Mackie sculpt. She is dressed in a black shirt, blue gingham skirt, and black beret.

Dolls of the World Spain is dressed in a lovely black polkadot dress with a red tiered skirt. I'm not positive, but I think she might use the new Skipper face mold.

Dolls of the World Philippines is dressed in a white lace blouse and long skirt with alternating gold and black panels.

Photos are property of Angelic Dreamz and used with permission.


  1. Oh my goodness, France is so adorable! I usually don't go for blondes but she's a must have! Spain's dress is a little...much but she's a beauty too! Can't wait!

  2. Hello from Spain: I love these new Barbies. I can’t wait to see these dolls in stores. I like them all. The Spanish wearing the typical dress of southern Spain. . Keep in touch


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