Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hunger Games dolls from Tonner

Three new dolls are available from Tonner Doll Company from the Hunger Games:

Katniss is limited to 1000 dolls and retails for $179.99. She is a new sculpt based on Jennifer Lawrence, and she uses the 16" Tyler Wentworth body. She has blue eyes and has brown rooted hair. She includes a silver resin bow, and includes arrows and a quiver. Her outfit includes v-neck shirt, a hooded vest, black jacket, pants, off-white socks, and boots. She also includes a mockingjay pin.

Gale is also limited to 1000 and retails for $169.99. He uses a new Liam Hemsworth head sculpt. He has blue eyes and a non-removable black wig. He is wearing taupe pants with belt, and oatmeal shirt, light brown vest, brown jacket, socks and shoes.

Peeta is limited to 1000 and retails for $169.99. No photo is yet available, but he will use the Josh Hutcherson head sculpt.

Tonner's licensing agreement allows shipment of this item to the United States and Canada, and the shipping dates for these dolls is to be determined, but they can be preordered from Tonner Doll dealers today.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Thee faces don't really look like the actors.

  2. I think Katniss is a pretty good rendition, but you never really know till you see them in person!


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