Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Cami & Jon and Antoinette by Tonner

Several fabulous new additions to the Antoinette and Cami & Jon line have also been announced by Tonner Doll this morning. If you haven't yet discovered these doll for your own collection--the quality is just fantastic, and many of the outfits look just smashing on other fashion resin dolls, such as Sybarite and JAMIEshow.

I'm starting with my favorite, Shimmer. She uses a delicious honey skin tone with side glancing brown eyes and brown rooted hair, pulled back in a bump ponytail. Her facial screening reminds me a lot of Flourish (real life photos coming soon!), and her outfit will look fantastic next to Soho Sheer Cami. It's a draped lamé dress with laced up shoes, and gold beaded earrings. She's limited to 250 and retails for $174.99. I think she's amazing!

Manhattan Mood is an outfit which retails for $79.99 and is limited to 300. This mod style chiffon dress has open shoulders, and includes a white slip, black lace tights, silver earrings and a rhinestone necklace. Also included are the gunmetal grey faux leather shoes.

My oh my, I think I hear Sheilah from San Diego! New York Night is indeed a beauty. (She really reminds me of the original Cinderella sculpt for some reason--it's the outfit--it's a modern day Cinderella!) She's limited to 300 and retails for $159.99. Blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes, and cameo skin tone, she is dressed in a gorgeous white taffeta dress with light blue and silver overlay, petticoat, a white belt with rhinestone buckle, lace bolero, and white fingerless gloves, and silver shoes. Adorable!

Definitely Downtown is a new Gina head sculpt, limited to 300, retail $179.99. She has wigged brown hair with red highlights, green eyes, and the Tyler skin tone. She is wearing bronze faux leather pants, a white faux fur coat, gold stretch knit top, chain belt, and brown shoes.

Always Some Place To Go is a limited edition of 300, retail $99.99. This outfit includes a beige lace mermaid style gown with multi-colored lace accents and beaded details, rhinestone bracelet and earrings, and beige open-toe pumps.

Perfect Morning Jon is limited to 500 and retails for $119.99. She has rooted brown hair, blue eyes and the honey skin tone. She is wearing a one-piece jersey shortsuit with white taffeta bow belt and black elastic shoes.

Perfect Morning Cami also is limited to 500 and retails for $119.99. She has blue/grey eyes and red hair on a came skin tone body. She is dressed in the same shortsuit as Jon. This doll will also be available as a brunette and as a blonde with blue/grey eyes, with photos forthcoming.

Shipping dates are still to be determined, but you can preorder these dolls from your favorite dealer.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. You heard me, all right! At 2:30 PM, I finally got online--between teaching and a meeting--to see all of the new Cami dolls and outfits. I pre-ordered one of each Cami doll and the new outfits! YAY! I also pre-ordered the new Nu-Mood Jess. Isn't everything breathtaking????


  2. I'm not surprised at all, LOL! They really are stunning. I'm thrilled to see that red hair, as well--just amazing. And Nu Mood Jess is gorgeous, too.

    My top favorite is New York Night, I think. She looks exactly like a modern-day Cinderella to me. Just perfect! But the basic dolls are amazing, too. Tonner did a great job this release!


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