Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lien - the newest Picco Neemo!


Really, I only wanted one! I think Lien, my latest Picco Pure Neemo addition, might be my seventeenth Picco Neemo since October. It's really a sickness! Some have been trades, and most are second-hand, and many aren't complete. Some actually belong to my daughter Lauren. She adores these little dolls, too--both the 1:6 size and the 1:12 size above.

Lien includes a bunch of extra posing hands, as you can see. I'm never sure how to use the victory hands, though they seem to be my daughter's favorites. I love the soft holding hands--they seem to be the most versatile.

Lien's outfit is adorable, also--white boots, socks, panties, a box-pleated skirt, sleeveless shirt and sweater. Plus, did you know she's actually a miniature version of this doll, Angelic Sigh Lien, her original Pure Neemo debut? Now that I'm checking out Azone's website, it looks like many of the 1:12 dolls are miniatures of the original 1:6 Pure Neemos. Eeek! I can hardly wait!

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