Monday, May 19, 2014

The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. - Poppy Parker new release!

I've always been a little wary of dolls in catsuits, but I have to say, I'm thrilled with the latest Poppy Parker release from Integrity Toys! Several new characters have been revealed, and there is a little something for everyone in this 1960s spy-inspired line.

The edition size is up, as are the prices (there aren't really any basic dolls, it seems), but you get a little more as well. Release dates are summer 2014 for most of the dolls. Don't wait to preorder these dolls, since they are sure to sell out. I see Cherished FriendsCouture Dolls has a few left ($24 deposit required), and Fabric Friends and Dolls still has a few in stock--but she requires full payment up front. Toni's Collectibles has a few in stock, but is charging over retail (but again--no shipping, so it may be worth it).

First, we've got Agent Lotta Danger, retail $120 LE 800. She's in the FR white skin tone, auburn hair, brown eyes, with coral lips, including a lovely cat suit, holster, hoop earrings, and really cool embossed boots. She includes two pairs of painted gloved hands, plus a pair of plain hands, too, and a black gun.

I think my favorite Poppy in the collection is Spy-A-Go-Go, LE 800, retail $120. This lovely doll uses this FR White skin tone, warm brunette hair, and aqua eyes with applied lashes. I absolutely adore her outfit. She includes a wonderful minidress of gold lamé, netting and aqua, complete with collar detail, matching gold trench coat with aqua lining (this is the one that shows up later in Tulabelle's wardrobe), belt, gold boots, bracelets, earrings and ring, gold purse, gold beret, glasses, and matching gold gun.

Nothing helps you blend in like a spy better than gold lamé!

A wonderful surprise was this great new addition of the character Agent Kimiko Gunn. She's limited to 700 and retails for $140. The character Tina Tanaka (portraying the character Kimiko Gunn in the series) uses the Ayumi head scup and Japan skin tone. She has raven hair and applied lashes. Her outfit includes a white and orange mini dress and matching cropped jacket, over-the-knee boots, white glasses, hoop earrings, white and orange purse, bracelets, and an orange gun.

Another delightful surprise is Agent Penelope Chase, who uses the original Colette sculpt. She is limited to just 350 and retails for $120. This character is Jolie James, playing Penelope Chase in the series, and is the FR Black sculpt with a mix of raven/brunette hair and brown eyes with lashes. I think she is just adorable! She includes a pink dress with lamé details, a matching lamé coat, leather heels, tights, purse, jeweled earrings, bracelet, and pink gun.

The coolest play doll is Sebina Havoc: Mistress of Disguise. She's actually two dolls in one--Loni Lawrence (blonde with a platinum streak) with a Quick Switch Poppy Parker (silver haired) head. This fits her disguise character quite well, and also the fact that Loni wasn't exactly a collector favorite--so many collectors may want this doll for Poppy's head. I actually sort of like Loni's look in this set, though. She's limited to 700 and retails for $120.

Her outfit includes a red minidress with a black belt, black coat, thigh high boots, black tights, blakc gloves, hoop earrings, a red ring and a red gun, of course, to match her outfit.

We have a new boy in the line-up as well--it's Sebastien Havoc: Brother in Arms. This is Lex Lawrence, Loni's brother. I am realizing I may be skipping some of the character references in my descriptions, so I'm going to go back and add them now. He's $120, LE 700.

He uses the Francisco sculpt, FR Homme body, and he's the FR White skin tone with blue eyes. He wears black leggings, a black turtleneck with a mod tunic, boots, sunglasses, and a black gun.

Mahem in Monte Carlo is a lovely version of Lotta Danger (Poppy Parker) in formal attire, LE800 and $120. She's super cute with a strawberry blond updo, green eyes with lashes, and the FR white skin tone. She's dressed in an embroidered one-shouldered gown with an oversized bow, large rhinestone earrings, silver bracelet, white gloves, pink rhinestone ring, black purse and pumps, and a silver gun.

Last but not least, Chip makes an appearance in the series as well, as Code Name: Arm Candy, LE 700, retail $120. He is the FR white skin tone with rooted black hear and blue eyes. He carries a briefcase and black gun. His jacket is a pink brocade tuxedo style with a matching pocket square to Poppy's gown, a smart white shirt, bow tie, black slacks, watch, and shoes.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

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