Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mio's Holiday - my latest addition from Azone

Mio's Holiday

Originally, I planned on only one. My intention was to trade a Fashion Royalty doll for a single Azone Pure Neemo, and be done with it. But now they've totally taken over an entire shelf in the doll cabinet!

This is Mio, older sister to Mia and Miu, with the larger body size (I think she uses the M Flection body, but I could be mistaken). She is absolutely adorable! I love her monochromatic outfit.

She includes a bra and panties, skirt with lace trim, corset, cardigan with ruffled edges, blouse with ribbon tie, matching purse, headband with a bow, socks and boots. The only thing I dislike about her were the fact that her boots were so difficult to put on her feet. They don't have closures, so it was hard to slip them on--but I managed it.

I'll add a few more detail photos of her here, for your own examination.

Mio's Holiday
Closeup of her corset, cardigan and blouse
Mio's Holiday
Details of the boots
Mio's Holiday
Detail of her purse
Mio's Holiday
Another full length shot
Mio's Holiday
She's so cute and flirty!


  1. I just got this gal too! Let me say, whoa, busty 0_0 For a Neemo.... at least! You're right, too, she is on an M body. I actually took her bust and put it on the L body legs... because I felt that bust was just too much for the M body, lol (well, and because I have Mia too... and the size difference in Mia and Mio's head seemed strange to me, if they were the same height (if that even makes sense?)).

    I agree the boots weren't the easiest to get on, but they are so cute, I forgave them XD This Mio looks a *lot* like the Forest girl versions of Mia and Miu... I was kind of surprised they didn't just debut her in the Forest Girl series.

    1. LOL--I was reminded a little of gumballs when I saw her in that blouse. :) But she's super cute! Maybe the longer legs would be a little better--great idea!

      Hmm... Forest Girl series? Now you've got me curious! You know, Heather--I really only wanted ONE. And now... well, I'm not even going to count!!


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