Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tonner convention dolls for sale!

You can pick up several convention dolls from Tonner's website today. I've noticed increased prices (or maybe I just haven't been paying attention), but they seem to have more accessories (jewelry, hats and more detailed outfits) and slightly smaller edition sizes.

As of this post, Cinderella is in stock and available to ship. She's part of the Re-Imagination collection. She uses the Kay face sculpt on the new 16" Chic body in the cameo skin tone, with rooted blonde hair and painted blue eyes. I think she's quite pretty. She is wearing clear pumps under her huge gown. She's limited to 150 with a retail of $215. If she weren't quite so pricey and her dress were just a bit smaller, I'd pick her up for my own collection.

Next, the Victorian Social centerpiece dolls are available. The centerpiece set of three is in stock for $495 (shipping on 5/27). Victorian Social Jon is $185, LE 100, with raven hair, brown eyes and the honey skin tone. Victoriam Social Cami is also $185, LE 200, with a blonde updo and blue eyes. Victorian Holiday (Captain Paul sculpt) is on the Matt O'Neil body with rooted mink hair. He is limited to 100.

Victorian Basic Cami is in stock for $129, and she's limited to 250. She's the Antoinette body with green eyes and rooted chestnut hair. I think she's very sweet, and I'm tempted--I think she'd be fun for redressing. (I love updos!)

American Model Milady is limited to 100 and retails for $350. She is dressed in a renaissance era gown, has green inset eyes, applied lashes, and wigged raven hair. Her gown will also fit Peak's Woods Absolute Beauty BJDs and similarly sized dolls with small waists.

The debut of Tonner's newest collection is Carmen Dell'Orefice. She is limited to 200 for $210. She's on the new Chic body, cameo skin tone with platinum hair and blue eyes. Her outfit is a grey knit dress and matching jacket with faux fur cuffs and collar, jewelry, satin shoes, silver necklace, and rhinestone earrings. I'm excited to see what else follows in this collection.

The convention doll is Lady Arabella Bertran, featuring the Deja Vu sculpt and body in cameo skin tone, strawberry hair, and blue eyes with applied lashes. She's limited to 300 and retails for $215.

Lady Action is another brand new body, the 16" Fit body, in cameo skin tone, with the Tyler 2.0 head sculpt with blue eyes and mink wigged hair. She comes with weapons: a gun with holster and a sword. She's limited to 1000 (a large edition size) and retails for $199. I think she'd be great for redressing--and check out those fabulous boots!

Limited to just 150, this Wonder Woman outfit is sized for the 16" Fit body, and retails for $99. It's based on the original DC Stars look, and include a wig, gauntlets and lasso, too. I'm thinking that this wig (and outfit on Lady Action would pretty much make a perfect Wonder Woman doll!

Correcting my earlier post--Fifteen Years, the 15-year Tyler anniversary doll, uses the original 16" BW body in the cameo skin tone. She has rooted copper brown hair with painted blue eyes, and a lace gown. Tonner's description reads, "red lace dress with glitter and rhinestone decoration at the waist," but I don't see much glitter--maybe just a little in the tulle belt. (I'm not a huge fan of glitter--it gets on everything!) At any rate, she's limited to 250 and retails for $225.

I think these dolls are quite lovely--my favorites are Carmen and Victorian Basic, but I haven't decided that I need to add any to my collection at the moment. I'm interested in hearing more about the new body styles, though!

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  1. I like Victorian Social Cami, and I would probably get her if she fit into my budget at all. Not sure why Victorian Social Matt looks so angry, and his outfit is straight out of Mary Poppins.


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