Monday, May 19, 2014

New JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS release from Integrity Toys and Hasbro

Though I'm not really a Jem and the Holograms fan, I may need to make a confession. I might have had a slip-up this latest release. I may have a Jem girl on my way home. I just can't believe it. This latest release was pretty amazing.

First, using the new Quick Switch 2.0 feature head, it Clash Montgomery, using the lovely Kimber Benton head sculpt, Japan skin tone, and including three heads. The first has orange and teal hair, the second electric purple, the third a blond ponytail. Clash wears a fantastic micro sequined minidress with belts, faux fur shrug, and pumps, plus her signature cymbal bracelets. She's LE750 and $125.

Next, we have Danse Dvorak, LE500 $125. She uses the Pizzazz head sculpt and FR white skin tone, with blonde hair with blue and pink streaks. She include two outfits--the sparkling pants, white bodysuit, orange sash, and sparkling blue and pink jacket, plus and additional lavender dance outfit, complete with leg warmers.

The doll that broke into my hard collector's heart has to be this one. She is coming home to me. It's Regine Cesaire (congratulations, IT designers--you got an anti-hem collector to bring Jem into her household, because she is just amazing!), LE500 $119. I think she is lovely. She has the light honey skin tone, new wave blue hair (!!!), and uses the Janay 3.0 head. This character is a designer, so she includes a mini portfolio, and she wears one of her own amazing designs--a pink dress with black polkadot peplum, and faux corset front, with blue shoulders. I love the details of her polkadot tights and arm warmers, too. Vaugn and Alain--just amazing on this doll!

Video Montgomery is Clash's sister, and she is the character responsible for making all the girls' videos big on MTV. Her accessories are amazing--she includes a state-of-the-art (for the 1980s) video recorder with moving parts. It's so cute! But my favorite detail has to be the banana clip in her hair. I love that she's wearing yellow slacks as to accent to the banana clip in her hair as well. Her structured periwinkle suit jacket is so whimsical--I just love it. And the silver streak in her hair--she was a close second for me. She's $119 and limited to 500 as well.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

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