Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feelin' Fierce Dani

Feelin' Fierce Dani, originally uploaded by alington.

She's here, she's here! I was thrilled to open my newest Dynamite Girl, Feelin' Fierce Dani. She's just wonderful.

A Canadian exclusive, I bought her from Vogue Collectibles, who I highly recommend. They have great customer service and excellent prices (including reasonable shipping), plus they let you know when your preorder arrives and ships, and they care about when your order gets into your hands. Also, you might want to check out their current specials--they have some great prices on Barbies, Tonner and Integrity items!

Back to Dani--she's a new sculpt with a pale skin tone, raven hair, violet eyes, dramatic face-up and fuchsia lips. Her fuchsia strapless dress has a petal motive and black accents. She's wearing black fishnets and fuchsia and black pumps. Plus, she has a short sequined jacket with amazing details, and black fingerless gloves. Her mesh hair net is accented with a bow. She also includes sunglasses and a sweet black poodle on a chain.

Check out more photos on Flickr or her full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery. And go buy one before she's sold out! She's a great price at only $39.99!

A quick note: I originally ordered this doll for my daughter's collection of Dynamite Girls, but I'm not sure I can share this doll! How pathetic is that? Does that make me the recipient of the worst mother of the year award??

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