Friday, July 31, 2009

New Fall/Holiday Collection at Tonner Doll!

Lots of new goodies went live today at 5 PM EST at Tonner Doll. Check them out:
  1. New Basic DeeAnna Denton™ $99.99 LE500 (cute new blonde)
  2. Va, Va, Voom! Basic Peggy Harcourt™ $99.99 LE500 (redhead and brunette) new sculpt!
  3. More Than You Can Chew Peggy Harcourt™ $199.99 LE300 (dressed doll) blonde
  4. Favorite to Win outfit $99.99 LE300
  5. Sweet & Haughty oufit $99.99 LE300
  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall $199.99 LE1000 new sculpt Queen--I love her!
  2. Beauty Dressed Doll $199.99 LE1000 new sculpt, and she's adorable
  3. Belle $149.99 LE1000 dressed in her basic dress
  1. Dancing with a Star dressed doll $179.99 LE500
  2. Dinner with Ol' Blue Eyes dressed doll $179.99 LE500
  3. Red Baroness dressed doll $179.99 LE500
  1. Simon Chase™ dressed doll, $189.99 LE400 (no images yet)
  2. Ultra Basic Simon and Jeremy $54.99 LE300 (also no images, and these will be TonnerDirect exclusives)
  3. Various shoes
  • Brand new character - Monica Merrill™: She's 16" tall and shares Tyler's bust and convertible feet, but has inset acrylic eyes. She comes in both wigged and rooted hair styles.
  1. Sweet Nothings basic doll $89.99
  2. SoHo a Go-Go dressed doll $174.99 LE500
  3. Jonquil Sass dressed doll $169.99 LE500
  4. Taking a Letter dressed doll $169.99 LE500
  5. Girl Friday outfit $99.99 LE500
  6. Jazz Baby outfit $89.99 LE500
  • Hollywood Glamour Collection - new line designed for Tyler Wentworth 16" sized bodies - gorgeous! Seven new outfits, ranging from $99.99 to $129.99, white, gold, red, pink, blue, black & silver and chartreuse.
  • Antoinette - I'm thrilled to see more additions of both dressed dolls (all with the Cameo skin tone, though) and outfits:
  1. Evocative TonnerDirect Exclusive $249.99 LE150
  2. Pure (another raven with blue eyes) $174.99 LE400
  3. Exceptional (auburn in a white evening gown) $229.99 LE300
  4. Extravagant $249.99 LE250
  5. Three new outfits--and I love all three--two listed for $99.99 and one for $109.99
  6. Three new shoe packs
  • First Mate Piggy $159.99 LE1000 (from Pigs in Space)
  • NYCB has added a few new dolls, in addition to Peppermint Twist also:
  1. Fiddle-Dee-Dee (inspired by Gone with the Wind) $199.99 LE250
  2. Moonlight & Magnolias (also GWTW inspired) $199.99 LE250
  1. Ginny Weasley™ at Hogwarts™ $159.99 LE1000 sculpted in the likeness of Bonnie Wright
  2. Lucius Malfoy™ Death Eater™ $249.99 LE1000 sculpted in the likeness of Jason Isaacs
  • My favorite line - ReImagination has a bunch of new dolls--Tonner Character Figures, or the Athletic Female Bodies and Superheros are used for these new dolls!
  1. Forest Frolic - Red Riding Hood (Diana Deluxe sculpt on Athletic Female Body) $234.99 LE500
  2. This Dish is Too Hot - Goldilocks (Circe Deluxe sculpt on Athletic Female Body) $219.99 LE500
  3. Glutton for Gingerbread - Hansel (Hal head sculpt on Superhero Male Body) $189.99 LE300
  4. Insatiable Sweet Tooth - Gretel (Pamela Deluxe sculpt on Athletic Female Body) $224.99 LE300
  • Sinister Circus Dolls - gothic circus dolls that are over the top (at least for Tonner). I love them, though they won't be to everyone's taste!
  1. Brute - Batman sculpt on Superhero male body $224.99 LE1000 (love his mohawk and skull dumbbells)
  2. Ring Mistress - Breathless as we haven't seen her before on convertible foot body -- $209.99 LE1000
  3. Lucine -- Sister Dreary sculpt, on convertible foot body $199.99 LE1000
  4. Teezer - Sean sculpt on Matt's body $189.99 LE1000
  5. Giggles - Muchkin head on Marley body
  6. The Waif - Alice's Sister sculpt on teen body $179.99 LE1000
  1. Au Printemps Renée: gorgeous new blue dress with matching satin jacket, LE500, $179.99
  2. L'Hiver Louise: black sheath dress with embroidered coat with faux fur collar, LE500 $179.99
  1. The first new dressed doll listed is a gorgeous blonde Daphne. Thrilled to see her again (but I wish she was brunette!). An Evening with Simon $189.99 LE500
  2. Wentworth Dynasty dressed Tyler 1.0 $174.99 LE500
  3. Guilty Pleasure dressed Kit (love her!) $179.99 LE 500
  4. The Eyes Have It Sydney (could it be any pinker? Wow!) $224.99 LE200
  5. A Night To Remember Tyler (so classic Tyler) $219.99 LE500
  6. Corporate Couture outfit $109.99 LE 100 (Sydney is gorgeous!!)
  7. Convertible Cocktail outfit $89.99 LE500
Anything you have to have? Anything you love or adore? I have to say, I was shocked and delighted by the Sinister Circus dolls! I will be adding at least one to my collection.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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