Monday, July 27, 2009

New Nippon Dolls from Doll-Collectible

Two new Fashion Royalty Nippon dolls are available for preorder from Doll-Collectible. Both dolls remind me of harlequin clowns. Super cute, if I may add my two cents:
  • Mod Misaki is listed for 14,763 yen with their 5% discount (currently about $155 US). She's a cute blonde Misaki sculpt, in a black and white costume with a ruff. I love her shoes!
  • Royal Amelie is listed at 14297 yen with their 5% discount (currently about $150 US). She's a strawberry blonde curly haired Amelie sculpt, wearing a harlequin outfit with a black puffy skirt. I adore her stockings.
Edition sizes aren't yet listed, but they are listed as limited. You must preorder by August 1 and pay for your items by August 3. Doll-Collectible does ship to the US, and their service is reliable, but EMS shipping is pretty pricey (just FYI).
Photos courtesy Integrity Toys.

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