Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sky with Blue Eyes

Sky with blue eyes, originally uploaded by alington.

In my discovery of Mack's Silicone Ear Plugs, I've been recklessly changing my BJDs eyes. Sky, my Peak's Woods SD-sized resin doll, included two pairs of eyes, and I recently changed them to blue. I think they suit her well, especially while she's dressed in the Mod Alice dress by Nankattz. I have a thing for blue-eyed ravens, I guess.

See a few more photos on Flickr, or the full photo shoot with larger and full-length photos on my Mobile Me gallery.

I also have to confess, of late, I've been hanging around the Peak's Woods website a little too frequently. Plus, I've been checking out the in-stock dolls at Denver Doll and noticing that Dollesque offers free shipping with the purchase of any BJD from Peak's Woods. Maybe after all my summer pre-orders are paid off, then I will consider a layaway for a friend for Sky.

My top two choices right now are Goldie and Mintie. But I need to think about it some more. And wow, did I pick the wrong year to switch over to a cash-based system!

Or maybe I can hope my husband will blow a ton of money (like on that new Nikon lens he's been obsessing over) and feel really guilty about it, and maybe he will buy me a new BJD without my having to do layaway! Now, what else can we fight about?

So just kidding, honey! (I know he reads this blog sometimes!)

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