Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ball-jointed doll wish list... I'm such a dreamer!

So... before the holiday season is upon us (and yes, my birthday is in January, too), I thought I'd better post an updated (and terribly optimistic) wish list of ball-jointed doll up here.

First on the list is Aren, a Mini Gem by Soom. She's shown here in a full-set, which I'd love to acquire as well. Mostly, I'm interested in Mini Gems because they are about 11-12" and can wear Barbie clothes. (Fun, fun!)

Second, is a Bobobie MSD doll. The photo I have here is one of Lan, a girl, though I haven't decided on a face yet. I may even decide on a fairy--they have quite a few fun fairies. She's interesting because of her super-slim size, which allows her to share clothes with Tyler Wentworth (Tonner Dolls). I think that would be fun.

Third, I'd like to add another YoSD doll to my collection. The one shown here is a Leekeworld Vanilla. I just love her. I also like Hucky, the new YoSD size by Peak's Woods, Hucky. Shoot--I just noticed Peak's Woods is having a free event--nuts! Which leads me to my fourth doll...

Wake-up Goldie, normal skin, by Peak's Woods. I'd also want to get an extra head for her, an regular Goldie head, so I could swap them out. I know, the Peak's Woods bodies don't pose as well as some double-jointed bodies do. But still--I am in love with these dolls. I just adore them! Their serene face sculpts just fascinate me. New post shortly on the event!
Photos courtesy of Soom, Luts, Boboie, and Peak's Woods.

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