Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kim Lasher sketches up at her website and Denver Doll Emporium!

Ack--says the Kim Lasher fan! There are three new sketches posted and four new dolls by artist Kim Lasher to be sold in 2010 at the Denver Doll site (and oh--they are taking pre-orders), as well as her own webpage. Photos and prototypes won't be available till after IDEX. But she has released the following information:
  • Most exciting to me, a 23" (SD sized) doll called "Simply Alice." I must have died and gone to heaven! No sketch of this one, yet, but I can't wait to see her. She's a limited edition of 125 dolls, and a suggested retail price of $780, per Lasher's website. She's also first to be released. Hello? Christmas money anyone? Should I? Ack!
  • Lotus is a 16" Asian girl, retail $488, LE 100, tentative release date scheduled for April. Outfit: pale pink, white eyelet... think Lolita. 
  • Azaleah, a 16" elf girl, retail $488, LE 100, tentative release date scheduled for June. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Red floral dress on white, with white fishnet stockings and white chunky mary jane shoes.
  • And oh my, Ivy, a 16" girl, retail $488, LE 100, tentative release date scheduled for August. She's a redhead with green eyes and has freckles. She'll be wearing a gray hoodie, white bleated blouse, red plaid skirt, black thigh highs and black chunky mary janes.
Yippee! I adore Kim Lasher's dolls--I have Anya, and have been sitting on my credit cards for her past two releases. I cannot wait for the next few! They have my name on them!


  1. I saw these the other day, they all look so adorable! I love Anya so I think these girl will be really cute too!

  2. Personally, I am just über-excited about the Alice doll. I am hoping for a windfall at Christmas (like that's going to happen, LOL!) so I can pre-order her, sight unseen. :)

  3. The Toy Shoppe in Richmond, Va is very excited about Kim's 2010 releases and is taking preorders.
    You may contact them at 1-800-447-7995 or on their website


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