Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goodreau News

The doll shown here is Fannie, one of the new resin BJDs Goodreau Doll will be releasing in 2010 after IDEX. Previews will be shown on the website around that time (in late January). You may notice Fannie has a new face-up technique--with feathery brows and different eye lashes as well. I just think she is lovely. The outfit shown is a one-of-a-kind creation by Connie of Marbled Halls. Fannie (shown here) and Zoey will be the last of MSD size (LE 40 each). Two body colors will be light pink and normal peach. All dolls of this size will be retired.

2010 looks to be an exciting year for resin enthusiasts! There will be two new sizes added to the current line: a new 25" inch immature body girl (limited to 50 dolls). Of the larger 25" doll, there will be a very exclusive (LE5 each) Dark Alice and Light Alice full set, which will be created in collaboration with Chatham Village Plush, wardrobes by Wee Wardrobe.

A new 10.5" resin doll is also on its way, with four different heads. Each head will be limited to just 40 pieces.

In addition, there will be new 8" and 5" dolls (one with new hoof feet) added to the current line. All new dolls will be limited to just 60 (or under) in edition size.

The ABC vinyl dolls will also have dolls added to the current line as well, but these won't be released till April, after WonderCon and ComicCon (Chicago), though two new outfits (Dottie and Alice) will be available to pre-order soon.

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Photo courtesy Goodreau Doll.


  1. Oh this is exciting, I like seeing all of the Goodreau sculpts and how they evolve as a company. I really hope the new ones will be allowed on DOA. I wish the old ones could be too. Too me Fannie looks on-topic. I'm excited that they're making a 1/3 girl and a girl with hooves(!)

  2. That would be nice, if they'd be considered on-topic. If you're interested, there is another forum for these dolls (and Kim Lasher's dolls, too). If you're not already signed up:

    American BJD Forum

    And if you're not a part of the American BJD Yahoo group, you should sign up, too:

    American BJD Yahoo Group


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