Monday, December 7, 2009

Lucine from Sinister Circus

Lucine from Sinister Circus, originally uploaded by alington.
She's here--and I'm smitten. Lucine is a Sinister Circus doll, from Tonner Doll Company's Reimagination line. She's a limited edition of 1000 dolls, so she's still readily available, and she's the Sister Dreary head sculpt on a convertible (flat-footed) Tyler Wentworth regular bust body.

Lucine even fits in with my unusual holiday decor. I love her smokey eyes and neutral lips--it's both gothic and macabre. Her hair could use a rinse at some point, but it's a nice texture for her overall look, I think.

The outfit is to die for: a metallic pleather bustier with shirring at the top and tiered layers of lace and chiffon in mauve, burgundy and chartreuse. She's wearing lace leggings underneath, and a single armband, plus black fingerless gloves, a black hairband, black "suede" boots which zip up the back, and metallic fishnet sock (and pantyhose). She also included a waist-gripper stand, which she actually doesn't need, since she can stand on her own.

You can see more photos of her on my Picasa album and on Flickr. She's just a really fun and unusual doll. I was thinking I might have some buyer's remorse for her--but I really love her. I think I'll hang onto her for a while. She's very fun!


  1. That's weird, I rarely head over to the Tonner site but I was there last night and got tempted by either her or the one with the red/black outfit + cloak. Don't know if you have Pantomime in the US, but the costumes remind me of Panto rather than circus, they're fab though ... I bet you DO keep her :o)

  2. I *know* it's because you have a warm/cold relationship with Tonner. :) I bet it's Ring Mistress you like. She's pretty cool, also.

    Did you see the Fortune Teller limited edition he did for a show--maybe Modern Doll Collector's Convention? OMG--gorgeous. Hard to find though, since she was a LE150, I think. I still have her posted here:

    She is just gorgeous in real life.

    I have been secretly coveting The Waif, who is the smaller teenage body style. Ugh! Too many dolls, too little time.

    Also, I just heard that perhaps Bobobie MSD dolls may be able to share some of this size of clothing. That would make my doll-collecting year! :)

  3. I really like most of the dolls from this line. Lucine is gorgeous, and the Waif is very tempting as well. I think I will have to buy both once I get some Christmas money.

  4. Nicole, I hope you get a lot for Christmas! :)

    Let me know which ones you get, and if you post photos. I'd love to see them--they really are cooler in person than in the promo photos!


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