Sunday, December 6, 2009

BJD Convention in San Diego

BJD Convention

Yesterday (December 5) was the first ever BJD Convention in San Diego. It was held at Mission Bay's Marina Village in the Coral Room from noon to 5 PM. The theme was Oberon's Ball: Steampunk and Fairy. I have to say--it was a lot of fun--and it was my first BJD convention. I really enjoyed myself!

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, so the photos in my Picasa album were taken by my friend Jen. There was a costume competition with three categories: best fairy, best steampunk and best owner/doll combo. Unfortunately, it was also my husband's Christmas party weekend, so we couldn't stay for the entire event, and didn't find out who won. But the entries were amazing.

Some of the dealers included Pam of Dollovely (who also gave us a demo of how to suede your doll using moleskin--it was so simple and helpful), Pixiedust Designs (Robin had a wonderful selection of tinies, which were just delightful to see in person), Ms. Cholong of DollHeart USA (oh wow--what a selection she had, including a full-set Peak's Woods Wake-Up Goldie that almost came home with me--next time, I will be sure to save my allowance a little better, LOL!) and more. I just have to say, every vendor was super sweet. Ms. Cholong encouraged me to try the wigs and shoes on my YoSD Cookie doll before buying to be sure they fit, and I liked them. I really enjoyed matching faces to names and avatars on Den of Angels, too.

Also, there was a large range of know-how among the collectors at this convention, from the beginning collector to the expert. Even with the wide range, it was still easy to strike up conversations with the person sitting next to you. I was also impressed by the age range of the attendees as well--my daughters (almost nine and almost six) weren't the only children in attendance, and there were older people there, as well. It was a wonderful, diverse group. I really enjoyed myself! I would love to attend next year!

Soon, you'll be able to see the professional photos at Shutterfly.

Photos by Jen Eugley.

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  1. That sounds so fab, I hope to get to one in the UK eventually :o)


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