Monday, December 7, 2009

Tonner Company Store holiday display

Just because she's beautiful, I'm sharing an image from TONNERDirect's Facebook's photo album. If you're on Facebook, get on over there and become a fan! (Friend me, too, while you're at it! Send me a line that you're a follower of my blog, so I know who you are.)

This is Sylvia, a full-scale Adel Rootstein mannequin dressed as "Starlight," which was designed by Joe Petrollese. She was put on display to greet visitors to the Tonner Company Store specifically for the holidays. Isn't she gorgeous?

I would love to see this outfit in production on a Tyler Wentworth-scale doll at some point in the near future--I sure hope it's in the works!
Photos courtesy of Tonner Doll.


  1. That is a pretty amazing costume! I have mixed feelings about Tonner but I can't deny their inventiveness when it comes to the overall look :o)

  2. I think any life-size MQ display in a doll store will probably pretty amazing. ;) She reminds me of the White Witch of Narnia--just a bit.

    I do need to find a BJD who can reliably wear Tonner Doll fashions. I'm getting spoiled with the flexibility of BJDs, I think.


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