Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodreau SD Aimee as Light Alice

This is Goodreau Doll's Aimee, a new resin BJD, their first in this scale. These dolls are about four weeks out, and on their way. This doll has a face-up by (and photo is courtesy of) Leah Lilly, a talented face-up artist and part of the Froggy Duds team--I highly recommend her work.

Per Paulette Goodreau, for the first time, nude and blank dolls will be available for sale with eyes only for $525. For $595, she will come with a face-up by Paulette, random dress, wig, eyes and shoes. Additionally to the three collaboration project dolls currently listed on Goodreau Doll Lab's website (Dark Alice, Light Alice and Blue Alice), three more will be available as well: Flamingo Alice, Tattered Tea Party and White Alice. I can hardly wait to see!

From what I've seen of this doll, she's very lovely, and very versatile. She's larger than an SD13 doll, and stands 25" tall.


  1. I really like her face. It's so unique. Are you going to be getting her? I saw pictures of her body and I like pretty much all of it except the arms. Goodreau arms always look kind of tubish to me. The only thing with Goodreau bodies is it's hard to switch their bodies, since they are off-topic on DOA it's nearly impossible to find resin matches. I hope Aimee will be allowed on DOA, they allow Impldoll which has a similar look imo.

  2. Really, I don't know how I'm going to avoid adding Aimee to my collection. :) So if I do--I'll tell you what--I'll bring her to my next ABJD meet and take her picture next to a bunch of other ABJDs, and we can do some resin comparison photos, OK?

    I have Secret and Whisper (as well as two vinyl BJDs), and I think they have lovely hands, so I never really notice their arms. Also they have lovely sculpted legs and amazing feet. I blushed Whisper, and that actually really makes her pop. (You can see the photos of her on my Flickr account, if you like--here is the link (the blurry ones are of her naked, but it's nothing but naked doll):

  3. OK. I just went back and looked. Her upper arms are quite thin. You're right! I never noticed before. :)

  4. Hi there! Do her shoes fit other SD dolls such as Luts or Volks?


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